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Dive destinations in the Caribbean where you can spear lionfish

In response to a question recently on where a person can go on vacation and spear lionfish we have made up a working list. Please send us feedback if you think we are in error on any of these and we will keep it updated with the latest information.

Places to spear lionfish in Caribbean

 Fortunately more and more dive destinations are starting to open up lionfish hunting for tourists. Even places that have never allowed spearfishing in the past are finally realizing what a significant hazard to the marine environment the lionfish pose, and they are figuring out that allowing tourists to hunt lionfish in their waters is good for the reef and also good for business. Many divers prefer to spend their precious vacation dollars where they can also hunt lionfish while diving.

Dive destinations where tourists are allowed to spear lionfish

For starters, don’t rule out Florida. We have great diving, no license required for an unlimited number of lionfish, and I’ve never heard of a dive business other than in Pennekamp Key Largo that won’t let you hunt lionfish. Pretty much every dive operator will allow it, although some like to see an ‘Advanced’ dive certification. As a courtesy, it’s also always a good idea to bring your own small cooler with ice for storing your lionfish. We don’t want the other guests to have to reach past your lionfish to get into the boat’s cooler for other items.

Please help us keep this list updated by sending us a message here if you know of any other places that will allow tourists to hunt lionfish.

Akumal, Mexico


Antigua & Barbuda-?

Aruba- Norman Arends, PADI Instructor, 297-731-6336

Bahamas (liveaboard dive boat departs Miami)


Bay Islands of Honduras


Roatan Kelly Ash lionfish hunting trips



Belize Sapodilla Cays Placencia


British Virgin Islands – Sorry, the BVI don’t allow visitors to hunt lionfish



Cozumel, Mexico Guided lionfish hunts

Cuba- Nothing to link to, but we understand you can lionfish hunt around the island.



Dominican Republic contact John Sack Sharky’s




Martinique- Sorry, the french islands don’t allow tourists to hunt lionfish


Panama Rey Sanchez Alvaro Silva

Puerto Rico- Lionfish hunting is allowed, still waiting to hear from dive shops that will take tourists out hunting

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

St. Barts-?

St. Kitts & Nevis

St. Lucia

St. Martin- Sorry, the french islands don’t allow tourists to hunt lionfish

Trinidad & Tobago Wild Turtle Scuba Club Marlon Winter Roach Frontier Divers Undersea Tobago

Turks & Caicos Islands – Sorry, the Turks & Caicos don’t allow visitors to hunt lionfish

US Virgin Islands

  • lionfish on the reef



  1. Steve wrote:

    Thanks for this list Foldspear! It’s a great help planning our next vacation.

  2. Sarah wrote:

    You’re right about the locals only in Cayman, we were there a couple months ago and that is what we found.

  3. liz wrote:

    Just got back from Barbados and all dive shop employees are able to spear them. I do not think they allow visitors to do it.

  4. edward wrote:

    You can not do it in Belize at most sites. A baracuda bit someone”s hand.

  5. Fred wrote:

    I was allowed to hunt at Ansa Chastenett on St. Lucia in February 2013.

  6. Jane wrote:

    Just returned from St. Lucia last month and the dive boat kept a log on the number of lionfish they caught. 42 on one dive. Very sad but satisfying to point them out to the local crew that dove with us and thankfully the fish are pretty stupid and wait to get speared if they miss the first time I think I hate them almost as much as stink bugs! At least you can eat the lionfish!

  7. Carl wrote:

    I was in St. Maarten over Thanksgiving. I was using my foldspear in the channel under the drawbridge in Simpson Bay. The Coast Guard station is located right there. I was confronted by 2 different armed boats but when I explained that I was only poking lionfish, they moved on. Just doing their job.

  8. frenchie971 wrote:

    In Guadeloupe and Martinique, scuba spearfishing is strictly prohibited, with an exception, the lionfish (in a diving club only).
    Freediving with a polespear is, of course, allowed, even in National Marine Reserves.

  9. Dan wrote:

    Feb 2015 showed up with spears on Antigua no License needed no problem getting them to take us hunting, kill them all they said

  10. Romeo wrote:

    Anyone know the policy for spearing in Grenada? I checked the website listed here and it does not state anything about being able to spear lionfish.

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