The exciting patented folding polespear that revolutionized spearfishing by allowing hands-free diving and snorkeling!

Learn to hunt lionfish and try out a Foldspear

Want to learn how to hunt lionfish with professionals and try out a Foldspear? Check out Juliet Sailing and Diving for an exceptional liveaboard diving experience. Juliet is a 104′ sailing yacht running liveaboard dive charters in the Bahamas, Keys, and Turks and Caicos. Fabulous crew and a great diving experience for all levels of divers!

Juliet Sailing and Diving


  1. Jerry Walters wrote:

    I am interested doing a liveaboard charter with you. Also I would appreciate information on bringing a group charter Thanks

  2. andy wrote:

    Thanks for the interest Jerry, I passed your info along to the staff of Juliet Sailing & Diving and they will be contacting you.

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