The exciting patented folding polespear that revolutionized spearfishing by allowing hands-free diving and snorkeling!

Try a Foldspear in Jupiter, FL

We’ve got another place for you to use a Foldspear prior to buying your own, and great diving at the same time! Capt. SL8R Charters in Jupiter, FL. A top notch Captain and a first class, comfortable dive boat. With the Gulfstream swinging in to it’s closest point to shore on the East Coast, Jupiter is home to some of the clearest water and most abundant sea life in all of Florida. Call 561-575-3483 to book your dive trip today.

Kyalami, Jupiter's finest dive boat


  1. Joe wrote:

    That’s a beautiful dive boat!

  2. Shelly wrote:

    Used a Foldspear for the first time and nailed 2 lionfish! It is awesome and so easy to use! Love that I don’t have to carry it around. Every dive boat should have them.

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